2018 Rally for Serenity

Watkins Glen International Speedway

Reviews and Comments:


Just wanted to say thank you for an extremely enjoyable weekend, my wife and I enjoyed it tremendously and would gladly make this a yearly event we attend if it goes that far. I hope you had a tremendous turnout after all the beans were counted. Thank you again for so much fun and we sincerely hope you fulfill your dream with regards to the reason for this event.

Duke / Duchess

Kim and I had an absolutely phenomenal time Saturday. From the moment we pulled into the parking area at the racetrack, until we reluctantly said our farewells at the Montour Falls Fire Station, we couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces. We met SO many amazing people throughout the day. The volunteers absolutely MADE the event, and the other participants were so much fun to hang around with.

We were truly sorry when we opened the envelope with the last clue. We weren’t ready for the day to end.

We met complete strangers and shared smiles and laughter. We tasted great cheeses. We dodged meteorites and danced the Macarena with strangers. We saved the last tree on earth. We crashed a wedding photo op. We befriended goats, swans, alpacas and elk (okay, the elk just hung out and posed, and the alpacas weren’t all that enamored with the human race, and the swan had no CLUE it was part of our photo album, but still, I think that Billy goat liked me. I actually kissed TWO goats, since I initially overlooked the fact that I had to kiss a BILLY goat.

The scenery was breathtaking, and the sandwiches and cookies and apples that were provided were delicious. The laps around the WGI track were a blast (did I mention we rented a CHARGER…with a HEMI???) We both agreed that Saturday was one of our favorite memories of the entire summer.

All in all, it would have been worth twice the price, and we can’t WAIT to do it again next year. And incidentally, had we not been told this was the first year they had done the rally, we’d have never known. Very well done!!!


Kim and Dan Knightingale

2018 Throw 4 Serenity

Falling Leaves Festival in Coudersport, PA